How Java and C Plus Plus are used in Industry

Most Popular Programming Languages


  1. Java is platform-independent, so a programmer can compile code on one operating system, and run it on another one (or the same one)
  2. Java, unlike other programming languages, is easy to learn.
  3. Java is a class-based object-oriented programming language. Everything in Java is treated as an object, and those objects, in turn, accomplish all of the program development tasks.
  4. Multiple processes can run code at the same time, allowing multiple Java programming statements to be executed simultaneously rather than sequentially.

Applications Of Java

  • Java Mobile Applications
  • Java Desktop GUI Applications
  • Java Application Servers and Web Servers
  • Java Web-Based Applications
  • Java Gaming Applications
  • Java Distributed Applications
  • Java Scientific Applications
  • Java Cloud-based Applications.

C Plus Plus

Applications Of C Plus Plus

  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) based applications:
  • Games:
  • Operating Systems:
  • Google applications:
  • Banking Applications:
  • Compilers:
  • Medical and Engineering Applications:
  • Adobe framework:
  • Deep Learning




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